This procedure uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the prostate. The treatment is delivered through tiny incisions made in the perineum (between the scrotum and the anus). Several small metallic tubes are inserted while you are under anesthesia, and liquid nitrogen is instilled into the prostate. This drops the temperature in the prostate to way below freezing. Usually the cycles are repeated, and this process is meant to kill the cancerous cells. The entire prostate is treated.

Who are candidates for Cryosurgery?
The ideal candidates are those who have failed radiation treatment (either external beam or brachytherapy). In certain cases, patients may choose this as a primary treatment, however one should carefully consider the side effects and complications of cryosurgery and whether your insurance policy will reimburse for this procedure. At many institutions and health care plans, this procedure is still considered investigational. Once again, please consult your urologist and locate a center nearest you that performs cryosurgery to get all of the facts and details.