Why Choose Tulane?

Tulane Urology has what it takes to be your urologic specialist.


  • Expertise

  • Experience

  • Sound clinical judgment

  • Proven performance


In each of the highly specialized urologic prcedures, Tulane Urology is among the world leaders in providing state-of-the art urologic care.

The Tulane Urology team, with its vast experience in Robotic and Laparoscopic urologic surgery, manages your prostate cancer in a bid to obtain the perfect trifecta” to maintain your quality of life:

  • Cancer Control

  • Continence

  • Coitus

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: Innovations at Tulane

  1. First to perform Bladder neck sparing prostatectomy in the Gulf South (April 2003). Several reports attest to this maneuver facilitating early return of urinary continence.
  2. Routinely perform Nerve-sparing prostatectomy to maintain your quality of life. These nerves are important both for recovery of continence and erectile function.
  3. First and most experienced in extraperitoneal robotic radical prostatectomy.
  4. Described management of the Median Lobe of the prostate which can be a problem in about 15% of men.
  5. Promote early rehabilitation of quality of life after the prostatectomy.
  6. Promote athermic (to preserve nerves) prostatectomy.

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: Center for Higher Learning

The Department of Urology at Tulane University is in the forefront of educational activities related to robotic urologic surgery. This includes being on the faculty of national and international robotic symposia, publications in peer-reviewed urologic journals, textbook chapters and several Continuing Medical Educational (CME) activities.